ITALIANBARK® is an architectural and interior design studio.

Since 2013, we have designed interiors of houses, shops, restaurants, for clients in Italy and abroad, from more than ten Countries.

We design functional spaces, we offer practical solutions and in step with the latest trends, but above all we create unique interiors that meet the needs and tastes of those who live inside them.

HOW we work

From the concept design to the project, we follow our customers step by step, always starting from their needs and requirements.

In addition to being architects, we are experts in digital communication and trend research, and we are always looking for the most modern and effective methods to create our projects and communicate with our clients. We offer a practical and direct approach, creating beautiful but feasible projects, and spaces that improve the quality of life of those who live inside them. Our services include:

📌 architectural design

📌 residential interior design

📌 commercial interior design

📌 online interior design

📌 project management

WHO we are

We are Elisabetta Rizzato and Denis Stoppiglia, architects specialized respectively in interiors and construction.

We graduated in architecture in Venice on the same day in 2008, but we only met many years later, we got married and started collaborating, combining our complementary experiences.

ITALIANBARK®, created by Elisabetta in 2013 initially as an interior design blog, is today a studio that offers design services, but also research on color and trends, collaborating with individuals and brands from all over the world.


ITALIANBARK is based in Treviso, Italy, but works worldwide.

Contact Elisabetta by e-mail at

to book a call.

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